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Agent Brand






Sferangs is made of natural raw materials, four from Amazon (Acaiberry、Camucamu、Guarana、Guava), with cutting-edge patented nanotechnology production out of a medicine brand, developed a high-performance and low skin irritation goods.

For different skin care can have efficient, the main four-color series are: Aloe Soothing Line, More Than White Line, T-Care Line and Collagen Line. Ace Product: Celltox focused and efficient anti-wrinkle series, Gold Line, Snail Line. Another body and hair care.
Sells Hong Kong China, Macau

Korea more than 3,000 points of sale, the main point of sale:

Plastic surgery hospital
Skin Care Center
Aesthetics Medical Center




Color bucket






Color bucket dedicated to you fresh, fresh makeup changes in their daily lives. (Lip gloss, eyeliner, hair color boxes, etc.)

All people can not all like the same color, so we have to follow a different, special color, continuous research and create. Our brand is to choose their own color according to personal preference countless new concept Beauty products.

The color is in our daily lives kinds indispensable element. Without language can convey information, express feelings endless variations, sometimes let us together as one.

The main target audience

Young people aged around 20
Like chasing the trend
Having a unique style
Artistic sense
Hong Kong's point of sale: Watson 



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